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Men are buying totes

Herschel Supply Tote At first replaced by messenger bags and backpacks, the briefcase now has a new challenger that's rising to be the ultimate carry-all for men who can't fit everything in their pockets. Enter the humble tote. Once thought of as merely a beach bag or something to use for Sunday shopping, the tote has grown into an acceptable fashion accessory. In fact, many female consumers have gravitated towards the easy and cheap tote, and away from pricey designer handbags . Now, for similar reasons, men are taking note of the tote's broad appeal. Sales for men's tote bags have risen 11% in the last year, and sales for men's bags in general have also gone up by double digits, as NPD Group told The New York Times . The men's bag market is now estimated to be worth about $2.3 billion. "Male or female, consumers are carrying a lot of things around กระเป๋าแบรนด์ keep pantip with them," Marshal Cohen, NPD Group's chief industry analyst, told The Times.

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Dubuque women create gift bags for homeless mothers this Mother's Day

Dubuque women create gift bags for homeless mothers this Mother's Day DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- A group of women are coming together to make homeless mothers feel special this Mother's Day. Operation Mother's Day was started by Elizabeth Fleming. She says she volunteers with Opening Doors, which operates the Theresa Shelter and Maria House. She says she knows the shelters are always asking for gift cards and other donations, so she decided to make the women feel special this holiday with gift bags. With the idea in mind, she reached out to her friends on Facebook for help. Fleming says she originally hoped for a few items to put in each gift bag, but was overwhelmed with the response she got. She said, "it was insane for people to kind of reach out, some people that I've never even met in my life, I wasn't expecting the reaction that I got, I expected a few people to help out. There's so many people with ginormous hearts that really wanted to participate in this." Fleming said around 40 women helped out by donating money, gift cards, their time or homemade items. Fleming and four other women met at Inspire Cafe on Saturday to put the 35 gift bags together. Each gift bag includes a rose donated from Butt's Florist, a gift card, Dove chocolates, a homemade sugar scrub, a gift certificate for a professional mother-child photo shoot, and a gift certificate for a free manicure.

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